❝   York—— Then you should have gave it
some thought before you called me over.
I would have taken you as someone
a bit more hospitable.   ❞

He watched her quietly for a moment. 
Edward remained seated and admired
the hypothesis of having Willa as an
adversary in a card game. She looked
like an awful bluffer. Easily swayed
away from her goal by a strange sense
of justice. An ethical vigilante. “You’re
absolutely right. How awful of me.”

Ed got up and walked over to the
cupboard, removing a bottle of wine
and filling two glasses. He offered
one to the agent along with a small
smile. “You ought to smile more,
agent. Talking about work is 
unpleasant enough.”



      “Probably how I’ll be spending
      tonight. I did enough bar hopping
      yesterday to last the whole week.”

"…And what better way to do so than
visiting a nice small bar to start the
evening? Do you need a lighter?



       “People are telling me that I got so
       plastered last night I pissed on some
       guy’s Camaro. How was your evening?”

"…Spent it in front of a TV with
an oversized cup of tea…Not
sure which of our plans was 
the most exciting to be honest.”


"Agent Graham. I can’t focus on this case if you keep
glaring at the back of my head from that corner.”


oo1: Edward only seems to actually care for people he sees as adversaries / threats. He bonds and develops deep feelings for those he considers as “enemies”. He doesn’t actually care much for the passive and/or friendly. They’re just useful cards hidden inside his sleeve.

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