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A shake of his head, hand raised with uncertainty
as opposed to ‘shush’.

"…As a lawyer, do you believe in the notion that
    people are innocent until proven guilty?” He’s
    rehearsed this exactly thirteen times. It still
    tastes sour. “I believe in that notion because I
    believe in the basic goodness of people.
    I believe that not all crimes are committed by
    villains, and I try to understand that—decent 
    people can do very bad things.”

Edward listens carefully. And as his client speaks, he almost
believes him. But the polite smile carefully stretched along the
lawyer’s lips doesn’t quite reach his eyes as they shift along
the other man’s face, searching, looking…Seeing. After
lowering his head, sighing lightly, Ed sits down, eyes focusing
on the other’s lighter ones. “I’m afraid I don’t believe in “decency”
Mr. Karam.” There’s a moment of silence before Ed widens his
eyes, shrugging almost sheepishly. “Which doesn’t mean I’m
not excellent at what I do.” After fluttering his lashes Edward
gestures towards the chair in front of him. “Please.”

"Dear, now really isn’t the time for
all these games. I’m not in the mood.”





❛❛Um…well, least you look nice?                                                              And fried chicken is quite an alluring aroma I think❜❜

Edward arches an eyebrow. “Good enough to eat?”
There’s a pause. “If your father were here he’d have
beheaded me by now”



he’s speaking, but she’s barely listening. rather, her attention
is focused on the motions of his hand.
                           say something!!!
—-that’s what her mind was pleading, but her mouth refused to cooperate.

‘i-i-i’ve never really thought of i-it.
my body has only been a method for dance, nothing else.’

He keeps his hand pressed against the end of her back,
and Edward wishes it was around her throat, only to
feel the rhythm of her heartbeat. Was he making her
nervous? Scared? Eager? “Nothing else?” Edward
chuckled, arching his brow at her.

"You are not made of stone, Nina." His hand moves
to rest against her side, keeping close, looking for
a response from her body. A sign. “You deserve
more than method. You deserve pleasure.” Ed
tilts his head, looking down at the ballerina,
heavily-lidded eyes dragging along her throat
and lips. ” Aren’t you curious? What it feels like?”

"It’s a broken wrist, darling,
not a stab wound. I’ll be fine.”


I want to rp with you, but I don’t think you want to rp with me: a book by me



"Freddie is disgustingly primitive. His head sinks into his own anus and he is forever locked in a spiral. His spiral. Made only of his needs, his ambitions, his guts and skin and flesh. He’s locked within himself and the sounds of the outer world echo in the distance. And although Freddie can hear the echoes he does not dare understanding them. Because Freddie believes himself to be a basic simple beast but he is, in fact, a boy dressed in a wolf’s skin. And he is terrified of knowing this. His skinny boy-knees buckle at the thought of someone getting close enough to peek underneath his dark furred disguise and remind him of his weaknesses.

He reminds me a lot of my sister.

All sharp teeth and shaking fists but so…Fragile. My little flesh-spiral. If someone ever tries to uncurl him…To force his head out. To make his eyes understand something else besides the darkness of his colon…I think he would crack. And to break a boy that wishes to be an animal makes him into something else completely. For animals don’t understand themselves. Monsters do

I like Freddie a lot.

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